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About Us

Pushapagiri, formerly known as Cherupushpagiri was the first official residence or Aramana of His Lordship Late Jacob Mar Theophilos of happy memory, the chief collaborator with the Servant of God, Geevarghese Mar Ivanios for the cause of Reunion and Catholic Communion in Malankara. Moved by the health situation of women in pregnancy and newborn children in Travancore, His Excellency Zacharias Mar Athanasios, the third Bishop of the Archdiocese of Tiruvalla started a clinic which later turned to be a centre for training girls, especially nurses. The strength and vitality of this institution is nothing but the spiritual foundation laid by this great prelate Mar Theophilos . This was a historic moment in the history of Travancore that made manifold changes in the lives of families and in health care system. Due to the blessings of the Lord and especially through the intercession of the Blessed Mother and St. Therese of Lisieux and through the hard work of the priests and doctors and nurses and other staff, Pushpagiri has grown to be one of the best Medical Institutes in Kerala. Recently it has bagged the 10th position in health research in the world, especially in the field of Endocrinology. It is one of the premier institutions of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church and is committed to health care with uncompromising services and medical education and training of health personnel with quality and commitment, who are ethically upright and scientifically motivated.

Pushpagiri Medical Society

The Pushpagiri Medical Society was established for spurring the growth of the institution and for entering into the education field. It was registered as a Charitable Society in the year 1992 (Reg. No. P. 73/92), under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific & Charitable Societies Registration Act of 1955. It has permission of a charitable society (12AA) and permission to receive Foreign Contributions and permission of 80G (tax benefit for donors). In 2002 Pushpagiri Medical Society entered into the arena of higher education in the medical and allied fields by starting as the first private medical college in Kerala with the name Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre. Subsequently, Pushpagiri went further along to establish premier institutions in the field of health care for higher education for Nursing (2002), Pharmacy (2004), Dental Science (2006) and Allied Health Science (2008). The orbit of its activities was more widened by the establishment of Pushpagiri Research Centre and Pushpagiri Centre for Virology and the centre is recognized as the only Research Centre under the Kerala University for Health and Allied Sciences. (Today, all the institutions under Pushpagiri Medical Society are scaling upwards by beginning Postgraduate and Super specialty programs and the hospital now has a strength of 1200beds.)

Vision: “We care, God cures”

Mission: Formation of A Knowledge Society geared towards ‘Life in Abundance through Science & Technology’, based on ethical and humane principles founded on the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ for serving everyone with no discrimination.

Milestones & History

  • Pushpagiri hospital  – 8 bedded hospital  –   15-08-1959
  • Pushpagiri School of Nursing  –   Auxiliary Nursing  –  1964
  • General Nursing and Midwifery     –   1968
  • Pushpagiri school of Multipurpose Health workers Course   -1981
  • Pushpagiri Medical Society     –   1992
  • Pushpagiri D Pharm. course  –   1997
  • Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research centre  –  MBBS  – 2002
  • Pushpagiri College of Nursing   –  2002
  • Pushpagiri Training Centre for Overseas Career  – 2003
  • Pushpagiri College of Pharmacy –  2004
  • Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences  – BDS Course – 2006
  • Pushpagiri College of Allied Health  Sciences  – 2008
  • Pushpagiri Research Centre  – 2010
  • Pushpagiri Centre for Virology – 2011
  • Post Graduate Programme MD/MS/M. Sc. Nursing, M. Pharm. – 2011
  • Doctor of Pharmacy – 2012
  • Department of Emergency Medicine – 2013
  • MDS & Super Specialty Post Graduate Programmes – 2013
  • Msgr. Alexander Payyampallil Super Speciality Block – 2014
  • Pratheeksha Child Development Centre – 2014
  • Pushpagiri Inspire Pulmonary Centre – 2015
  • Pushpagiri Kidney Foundation  –  2016
  • Pushpagiri Palliative Centre
  • Pushpagiri Training Centre for CGFNS / NCLEX-RN / HAAD / DHA / PROMETRIC/ MOH / IELTS / SPOKEN ENGLISH

Achievements so far:


   GNM: 1446 students in 47 years (683);

   B.Sc. Nursing: in 16 years 788 (318);

   M.Sc.Nursing: in 7 years 69 (3).


   B.Pharm: in 14 years 791 (66);

   B. Pharm Lateral Entry in 14 years 32 (-);

   M.Pharm: in 6 years 87 (3),

   Pharm D. in 6 years: 180 (36);

   Pharm D. Post Basic: in 5 years 23 (2).

Dental Science:

   BDS: in 12 years 558 (46);

   MDS in 5 years 55 (3)


   MBBS: in 16 years1598 (240);

   MD/MS in 7 years 194 (6);

   Diploma in 6 years 58;

   DM Cardiology, Neurology, M.Ch. Neurosurgery in 4 years: 10


1. General Medicine
2. Pulmonary Medicine
3. Dermatology
4. Psychiatry
5. Emergency Medicine
6. Pediatrics
7. Anesthesiology
8. Radio-Diagnosis
9. General Surgery
10. Orthopedics
11. Obstetrics & Gynaecology
12. Ophthalmology
13. ENT
14. Cardiology
15. Neuro-Medicine
16. Gastroenterology
17. Nephrology
18. Critical Care
19. Neurosurgery
20. Urology
21. Radiation Oncology
22. Oncosurgery
23. Medical Oncology
24. Endocrinology
25. Plastic Surgery
26. Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery
27. Surgical Gastroenterology
28. Pediatric Surgery
29. Pediatric Cardiology
30. Pediatric Nephrology
31. Rheumatology
32. Pain & Palliative Medicine
33. Anatomy
34. Microbiology
35. Pathology
36. Physiology
37. Biochemistry
38. Pharmacology
39. Forensic Medicine
40. Community Medicine
41. Immuno-Haematology and Blood Transfusion
42. Research Centre
216 professionally qualified and reputed doctors are working in these departments.

1. 24 hours Adoration Chapel
2. Pushpagiri Church and Shrines
3. Canteen
4. Hostels

1. Chief Patron: H.B. Moran Mor Baselios Cardinal Cleemis Catholicos
2. Patron: H.G. Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos
3. President: Rt. Rev. Vicar General, Msgr. Cherian Thazhamon
4. Secretary: Rev. Fr. Jose Kallumalickal (CEO)
5. Director: Mr. Jacob Punnoose, IPS (former Kerala DGP)
6. Hospital Administrator: Rev. Fr. Thomas Pariyarath
7. Finance Officer: Rev. Fr. Eapen Puthenparampil
8. Spiritual Director: Rev. Fr. Ephrem, and Rev. Fr. Varghese Manalel

The Institution has 170 acres of Land in Tiruvalla and in Medicity area. The institution is progressing very well. For further Infra-Structure Development can you extend a helping hand thus enroll yourself as a Member of the PUSHPAGIRI Development Council which is presided over by the Catholicos or by the Archbishop of Tiruvalla. The meeting will be held in November each year.

1. Your Name will be displayed at the Entrance of the Hospital
2. Executive Health Check up for you and your wife or two children in a year
3. Concessional Treatment for 100 patients recommended by you in a year in the following manner:

   General Ward: 50%;

   Semi-Private: 30%;

   Private: 25%;

   Deluxe: 20%.

This facility will not include patients admitted in ICUs, Neuro Surgery, Stent/Bypass procedures, plastic surgery and transplantation procedures.
4. + 1% Bank Interest for loans
5. In five years time the capital will be returned.
6. The minimum amount is 2 Crores

By joining hands with Pushpagiri you are engaging in a noble task of dispensing excellent medical services and formation of exceptionally qualified and talented health professions. The good will and financial support you are going to bring will make Pushpagiri fly into further heights and thereby make it a prestigious institute of our Church.

Why we are the best

Our team is deeply committed to provide high quality caring for you and your families.
We are determined to provide our patients with excellent healthcare at affordable price.

Free medical Counseling

Medical Counselors are available for dealing with patients facing mental or lifestyle problems.

Well Experienced Doctors

All Doctors are with determination, persistence and ability to Work in Harmony with Co-Workers.

Online Bill Payment

Payment can be made online so that there is no need to stand in queue in front of the counter.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision : “ We care, God cures ”

Mission : Formation of A Knowledge Society geared towards ‘Life in Abundance through Science & Technology’, based on ethical and human principles founded on the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ for serving everyone with no discrimination.

Our Medical Team

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