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Academic Council

1. Padmavibhushan Dr. M. S. Valiathan FNA
   (Chairman of Academic Council)

2. Dr. Ananda Chakrabarty
(Distinguished University Professor , Dept of Microbiology & Immunology of College of Medicine, University of Illinois Chicago, US)

3. Dr. R. C. Deka
(Director – All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, India)

4. Dr. K. M. Cherian
(Chairman & CEO, Dr. K. M. Cherian Heart Foundation)

5. Dr. Salim Shah
(Chief Scientist - Georgetown Medical Center, Georgetown University, Washington, US)

6. Dr. Angelo Pezzella
(Founder-Director, International Children’s Heart Fund)

7. Dr. M. D. Nair
(Consultant - Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industry)