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Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Visitors to Pushpagiri Medical College Hospital of the past would remember the old “Casualty”, a cramped and archaic service facility,which existed since the inception of  the Hospital.  Transformation into a well-planned, well-constructed department, with trained personnel and state-of-the-art equipment occurred on October 1, 2013.  Since then, the obsolete “Casualty” has metamorphosed into an Emergency Medicine Department, which practices contemporary evidence-based emergency medicine, both in training and patient care. Emergency medicine,is the medical speciality involving care for undifferentiated and unscheduled patients with illnesses or injuries requiring immediate medical attention.

Location: The Emergency Department has a pivotal portal through which, health care-seeking individuals  gain access into a medical institution. It is only appropriate that the Emergency Department stands as the face of the institution,thus providing visibility and rapid access.

Patient Care

Triage  :  Triage is the concept,by which patients are sorted according to the severity of their illness, rather then their time of arrival.  Pushpagiri practices a 3-tier triage system which ensures that the right patient procures the right treatment at the right time.  Triage is nurse-led and has administered excellent reliability and accuracy, since it is based on our own need-based guidelines and protocols.

Registration  : While the patient is being triaged, registration of the patient is carried out in the opposite counter and is by the Public Relations Officer such that new-comers to Pushpagiri are helped in every way possible.  Further, the significant proportion of our lower socio-economic strata are facilitated to enroll into State as well as institution-based welfare schemes.

Priority 1 Bay
Patients with life threatening emergencies are admitted in the Priority 1 area.  This facility has trained personnel and sophisticated equipment for advanced resuscitation and stabilization of both trauma and medical cases with emergency problems.

Priority 2 Bay
This area caters to all patients with potentially life-threatening emergencies.  All beds are monitored along with  central oxygen supply, suction and ventilator connection facilities.


Priority 3 Bay
This facility is for patients with medical urgency who require evaluation, investigation and observation.  It also includes those who can be observed following interventional radiological procedures.

Surge Capacity Area
This facility is kept ready for mass casualty incidents, which results in an unexpected inflow of patients following major road accidents, mass gathering casualties, food poisoning etc.  The allocation of this space ensures that the routine work load of the department remains unhampered.

Emergency Biochemical laboratory investigations are carried out in the STAT Lab, within the premises of the department, thus significantly reducing turn-around time and expediting clinical decisions.


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Medical Counselors are available for dealing with patients facing mental or lifestyle problems.

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