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The medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis,treatment of the nervous system.

Neurosurgery is the medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that affect the entire nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, vertebral column and peripheral nerves.The Department of Neurosurgery of Pushpagiri hospital was established about 20 years ago, and has progressively emerged into a tertiary carecentrefor Neurosurgery in Kerala,catering to mainly three districts Pathanamthitta, Alapuzha and Kottayam.We offer the most advanced neurosurgical techniques to treat neurovascular and skull base disorders, brain and spinal cord diseases and injuries.We aim to be a Centre of excellence in Neurosurgery through dedicatedcare of our patients, and commitment to sound medical practices.The department has two full time Neurosurgical consultants and two residents rendering 24 hour coverage including emergency services.

The department provides excellent neurosurgical emergency and trauma care. The casualty and emergency services are available round the clock, manned by junior and senior residents and     a member of the faculty.Trauma care has been thoroughly streamlined with a dedicated team of emergency specialists and other allied surgical departments, who attend to the patient without any delay in receiving and transferring them.  In the imaging department of our hospital 4th Generation CT Scan and 1.5 Tesla MRI Scan are also available round the clock, to aid our diagnostics.

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