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General Medicine

General Medicine

General medicine is the medical speciality dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases.


OP Days















Dr. J. Jacob  OP OP  X  X  X  X

Unit 1

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dr. R N Sharma  OP  X  X  X  OP(alternate)  X
Dr. G Sukumaran   OP  X  X  X  OP  X
Dr. Athulya G Asokan  OP  X  X  X  OP  X
Dr. Aswin Mathew  OP  X  X  X  OP  X
Dr.Gokul M S(SR)  OP  X  X  X  OP  X

Unit 2

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dr. C.S Kesavan  X  OP  X  X  OP  X
Dr. Sarojiniamma C S  X  OP  X  X  OP  X
Dr. C A Abdhul Khadar  X  OP  X  X  OP  X
Dr. Georgin Mani  X  OP  X  X  OP  X
Dr. Don David  X  OP  X  X  OP  X

Unit 3

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dr. Tomy Philip  X  X  OP  X  X  OP(alternate)
Dr.Jacob Cherian  X  X  OP  X  X  OP
Dr.Steffy Kuriakose  X  X  OP  X  X  OP


Unit 4

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dr.Abraham Varghese  X  X  X  OP  X  OP
Dr.Sunil Mathew  X  X  X  OP  X  OP
Dr. Mathew Pulickan  X  X  X  OP  X  OP [12- 1pm]
Dr. Sajith Varghese  X  X  X  OP  X  OP
  1. Diabetic clinic                      :         Dr. Rajeev Philip,  Dr. Dennis Varghese Thomas
  2. Endocrinology clinic            :         Dr.Rajeev Philip
  3. Rheumatology clinic            :         Dr. Madan Mohan & Dr. Athulya
  4. Oncology and Hematology :         Dr.Sanju Cyriac & Dr. Tomy Philip 

24 hour casualty services are available under Emergency Medicine Department.

Inpatient Care

  • Admitted patients are given quality care e.proper investigations, diagnosis and management.
  • Medical ICUs are functioning with the most advanced equipment’s, with a critical care specialist for management of critically ill patients.

Outpatient Care

  • Outpatient wing is well equipped for receiving patients from 8:30 A.M to 3:30 P.M.
  • Evening OPD functions from 5 P.M to 7 P.M.
  • Priority and assistance is given for seriously ill patients and senior citizens.                      

Medical Camps

  • Periodically Medical camps are conducted in various localities of Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, and Alappuzha Districts. Faculty, postgraduate students and Interns participate in the camps.
  • Public awareness programs are regularly conducted on special days of medical importance, i.e.Diabetes day etc.
  • Members of faculty deliver important topics of public interest in FM Radio Macfast 90.4 at 9-10 A.M first Monday of  every month.
  • Complete Health check up as per booking is done daily by the members of the faculty.

Why we are the best

We provide safe, high-quality, compassionate care is important to the people in charge at every level of the hospital.
The hospital is open about how well it is performing and listens to your views and uses your feedback to improve the way it provides services.
We encourage its staff to raise concerns and listens to what they have to say. Any concerns are investigated and acted on.

Free medical Counseling

Medical Counselors are available for dealing with patients facing mental or lifestyle problems.

Well Experienced Doctors

All Doctors are with determination, persistence and ability to Work in Harmony with Co-Workers.

Online Bill Payment

Payment can be made online so that there is no need to stand in queue in front of the counter.

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